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High-level Features

1. Pull Request Summary

Generated upon the creation of a pull request and subsequently updated with each incremental request.

High-Level Summary: This offers a concise overview of the changes in the pull request. It helps the team, including those without technical expertise, to quickly understand the changes and the impact on the product.

Summary Overview

Walkthrough: A detailed code walkthrough to understand the changes in each file that is part of the pull request, followed by a celebratory poem about the changes.

Summary Walkthrough

2. Code Review feedback

Review feedback is posted as review comments on the lines of the code that changed for each file. Code suggestions are given in a Diff format, which either be copied or committed within the pull request with a single click.

Review Feedback

A review status is generated for each commit that is reviewed. It displays the commit IDs that were reviewed, the files examined and ignored, as well as the additional comments generated for each review, and so on. Review status is useful for understanding the auxiliary context of the review.

Review Status

3. Chat with CodeRabbit

CodeRabbit provides conversational capability that allows developers and the reviewers to ask questions, generate code, and get feedback in the context of changes. Just comment on the CodeRabbit review to start the conversation. CodeRabbit learns from your interactions and gets smarter over time. The more you chat, the better it gets.


4. Issue Validation

Pull request changes are validated against the linked GitHub or GitLab issue and identifies all other issues which might be affected by this change.

Issue Validation