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Sign Up for CodeRabbit

Signing up for CodeRabbit is quick and easy, allowing you to get started in just a few seconds. Whether you're an individual developer or part of a team, you can start for free and upgrade to a paid plan after a no-commitment trial. For more information about CodeRabbit's subscription plan options, please refer to the pricing page.

Step 1: Getting Started

Login with GitHub or GitLab: Log in with your GitHub or GitLab account at


Step 2: Select Organization

On the GitHub page, you will be prompted to choose the organization where you want to install the CodeRabbit app. Select the organization to proceed.


Step 3: Authorize CodeRabbit

After selecting the organization, you will be directed to a GitHub repositories page where you will install and authorize the CodeRabbit GitHub app. You can choose to grant access to all your organization's repositories or select specific repositories.


After you have installed the CodeRabbit app, the reviews will start automatically with the new pull requests or incremental commits to existing pull requests. To trigger reviews on existing pull requests, post @coderabbitai review as a comment on the pull request.

Note that the automatic code review behavior can be changed to "On-Demand". To make this change, go to the repository settings in the UI or modify the appropriate setting in the YAML file to disable reviews.

Need help?

If you require assistance, our support team is here to help. Simply click on the help icon within the CodeRabbit user interface. For more detailed information, please refer to the "Support" section. Additionally, consider joining the CodeRabbit Discord community to connect with other users and access a wealth of knowledge about using CodeRabbit effectively.