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CodeRabbit Commands

Manage your PR reviews with the following commands:

By default, CodeRabbit automatically reviews all pull requests. Additionally, for each pull request, it will review all incremental commits. However, this behavior can be overridden using the following commands:

  • Pause Reviews:

    • Use @coderabbitai pause in a PR comment to halt ongoing reviews.
  • Resume Reviews:

    • Enter @coderabbitai resume in a PR comment to continue paused reviews.
  • On-Demand Reviews:

    • Disable automatic reviews for your repository to switch to on-demand reviews.
    • Use @coderabbitai review in a PR comment. This command will override all review filters that might be set up in the repository settings and will initiate a one-time review.
  • Skip Specific PR:

    • To exclude a specific PR from review, include @coderabbitai ignore in the PR description.
  • Resolve Command:

    • Use @coderabbitai resolve to mark all the CodeRabbit review comments as resolved all at once.
  • Help Command:

    • You can at any time post @coderabbitai help in a PR comment to get the list of all valid commands.

Ensure you input these commands as PR comments. For direct bot interactions, enter your input in the review comments of a code diff or file.


If you have suggestions for additional commands or improvements, we would love to hear from you! Please submit your feedback to our support team.